Pet and Poultry

Strong non-chemical disinfectant solutions based on nanotechnology
Use for Pet and Poultry

The benefits of

  • Prevention and control of viral pathogens such as parvovirus, etc.
  • Prevention and treatment of respiratory infections in pets, particularly ornamental birds
  • Prevention and treatment of various skin infections caused by pathogenic fungi
  • Elimination of unpleasant odor from the pets living environment
  • Conditioning of the pet hotel interior air and refreshing the pets
Discontinue use of NANO BIOCIDE 24 hours before and after vaccination.

Distinctive properties

  • A very long shelf life (no degradation or evaporation)
  • No microbial resistance observed
  • No inhalation, cellular, oral or skin toxicity to the consumer and/or environment
  • No corrosive effect upon treated surfaces and tools
  • Effective at both acidic and alkaline media
  • Effective over a wide range of temperatures
  • Prevents the spread of zoonoses


  • Applicable in fogging systems to impede the spread of respiratory and viral diseases
  • Sanitization of the pet pensions and cages
  • Repels fleas and other annoying insects
  • Applicable on wound bandages and dressings
  • Animal teeth and mouthwash during scaling to treat dental infections

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